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JHS Xvive Mike acoustic guitar piezo DI microphone simulator

Xvive Mike pedal seems to give you back your acoustic guitar tone  ·  Source:


The Xvive Mike pedal seeks to give you back your electro-acoustic guitar’s natural tone. The typical DI’d sound of a piezo equipped guitar is pretty unnatural and thin compared to what you get when you mic up the same instrument. Will the new pedal give you back all that great acoustic tone?


Spectral Reassignment Technology

Sounds a bit like a mouthful, but this Spectral Reassignment Technology is what Xvive say will ‘give you back your room sound’. It attempts to make the DI’d tone sound like it is moving real air from your acoustic guitar’s sound hole, simulating how those sound waves interact with a real space. Or at least I think that is what they are saying…

One Big Knob

The one control on the front of the pedal allows you to choose from nine different presets. I do like ‘simple’ and so this appeals to me. However, I’m not actually convinced from hearing the video demo below that it makes it sound like a real mic’d up acoustic guitar. That being said, if the Mike adds some body to the usually thin piezo tone of most electro-acoustics then it’s better than nothing, I suppose.

It is, on reflection, a very bold claim from Xvive that they have tried to back up by graphs showing lots of measurements. But you would have to go try one out in the real world first before you could actually say whether you like what it does to the sound.

This is certainly a neat idea. If it does work well, it would be a really useful tool for gigging and recording for acoustic players. I look forward to hearing some reviews. Can’t say I’m a big fan of its cheesy graphic though, makes it look a bit like a toy.

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JHS Xvive Mike acoustic guitar piezo DI microphone simulator

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