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Elektron Digitakt II

Elektron Digitakt II  ·  Source: Thomann


Elektron has announced the Digitakt II! The new version comes with a big memory boost, stereo samples, 16 flexible tracks, new filter machines, and many other improvements. You can order the Elektron Digitakt II today!


Elektron Digitakt II

Ever since the Syntakt came out two years ago, fans have been waiting for new hardware from the Swedish manufacturer. While Elektron has been busy keeping the current models up to date with several important software updates, the hardware remained the same. But it turns out that yesterday’s leak was real! The new Elektron Digitakt II marks the first major hardware refresh for a Digi-series machine.

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The basic concept of a sampler that can also run your external MIDI gear remains unchanged. Apart from a couple of new buttons and labels, the Elektron Digitakt II closely resembles its predecessor. But the manufacturer has implemented a bunch of important upgrades under the hood, transforming the Digitakt from what was originally meant to be a drum machine into a universal sampling workstation.

First and foremost, the Digitakt II boasts 400 MB of sample memory, as opposed to the predecessor’s 64 MB. The internal storage has also been increased to a whopping 20 GB, firmly establishing the Digitakt II in MPC territory.

Elektron Digitakt II
Elektron Digitakt II · Source: Thomann

16 Tracks for Audio or MIDI

The other big news concerns the audio and MIDI tracks. While the original Digitakt offered eight audio and MIDI tracks each, the new version has 16 tracks that you can freely assign to the internal sampling engine or external MIDI. Moreover, each audio track is now capable of playing back stereo or mono samples – finally! From 16 stereo audio tracks to 16 pure MIDI tracks, any combination is possible. This makes the Elektron Digitakt II much more flexible when it comes to adapting the machine to your workflow and setup. Consequently, the track labels (Kick, Snare, Tom, etc.) are now history. And here’s another big improvement: The maximum number of steps per pattern has increased to 128!

New FLTR Machines


Machines have been available in the Digitakt since last year’s OS 1.5 update. For the Digitakt II, Elektron has further expanded the concept. In addition to the four existing SRC audio machines (Oneshot, Werp, Stretch, Repitch), the Digitakt II offers a new Grid machine for precise sample slicing. Furthermore, there are now five different FLTR machines in the filter section: Multi-Mode, Lowpass 4, Equalizer, Comb, and Legacy LP/HP.

Each track still has its own base-width filter and overdrive effect. In addition to the master compressor, a master overdrive is available as a second master effect. Moreover, the Digitakt II offers three LFOs per track (instead of two), as well as a new Chorus send effect.

Digitakt 2
The user interface remains largely unchanged · Source: Thomann

Apart from the track button labeling, you really have to squint to discover any major changes to the user interface. If you look closely, though, you’ll notice two new buttons. The row of buttons beneath the encoders has been expanded with a new FX button, and there’s a new keyboard button on the left.

With a big memory boost, stereo sampling, and much more flexibility in the handling of audio and MIDI tracks, it looks like the Elektron Digitakt II addresses many of the predecessor’s shortcomings. Does the upgrade live up to the expectations, and is it worth the higher price? That’s for you to decide.

Digitakt 2
The Digitakt II still comes with a USB-B port · Source: Thomann

Price and availability

You can now order the Elektron Digitakt II from Thomann* for €999.

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Elektron Digitakt II
Elektron Digitakt II

More information about the Elektron Digitakt II

More Digitakt II Videos

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Elektron Digitakt II

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7 responses to “Elektron Digitakt II is here: More Memory, Stereo Samples, new Machines & more!”

    Carlos Nicepackage says:

    20 GB storage and stereo sample support makes this an instant buy already. So glad I held out on the original Digitank because this is the one to buy for sure.

      Seppel says:

      if you were in the market fpr a OG DT than yes you should wait now, but still getting a used DT fpr 500~ bucks is also a great and fun device…stereo and double voices does not change the core and inutitive nature of these devices ^^
      but yeah I will add the DTmkii also to my trinity of DT, DT and ST

      Carlos Sadface says:

      Boy do I feel bad for people that recently bought the Digitakt E25 Edition for the price of the Digitakt II but with none of the new features.

    Mark says:

    Per track FX, more sample tracks, more storage and being able to play longer samples are currently my biggest asks. longer sequences is also really awesome. Curious about the modular workflow

    James Hays says:

    Battery powered? Fingers crossed.

    Eric says:

    Great update. I just broke down and purchased an SP404 mk 2 to augment by digitakt. So not in my future. The one feature I don’t see mentioned is improved AtoD. When I sample my digitone or analogue 4 into my digitakt, too much yummy goodness gets converted out. I had come to prefer bringing in samples from files. I will always love my digitakt. Smacks with good samples.

    Kev says:

    Junk. And It looks exactly the same… boring.
    Elektron has just become a lazy company, this thing was like 500 when it came out 8 years ago, now they are charging more than DOUBLE for the same look and barely more features.
    I cant believe in 8 years they couldn’t come up with any other interesting design ideas, even just white or anything different, absolutely pathetic.

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