Apple MacOS 10.13 High Sierra - should I update?

MacOS High Sierra 10.13: Should you update?

26 Sep 2017 · Apple has just published a new update to OSX - but should you update right away? We checked out a few apps and called the most important software developers. Find out here if your software is supported.

iZotope teasing new Ozone and Neutron versions?

25 Sep 2017 · iZotope is due to update its stuff. It looks like something is on the horizon, for the company published a short teaser video on its YouTube channel. The clip most likely refers to Ozone 8 and Neutron 2...

Xirid XS2: a new hardware sequencer on the horizon!

25 Sep 2017 · The XS2 is shrouded in mystery and will likely remain so until November, when it will receive a showcase at the SoundMit expo in Italy. It's a neat and simple-looking box with a display, several knobs and ...