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The Pedal Movie out 30 April 2021

The Pedal Movie out 30 April 2021  ·  Source: Reverb

The long awaited The Pedal Movie feature-length film by Reverb now finally has an official release date of 30 April. So not too long to wait to get your stompbox fix.

The Pedal Movie

A new trailer has dropped, along with the official release date for the Reverb film, and it looks like it could be a fun watch for any fan of stompboxes. And, as it follows on from the recent Josh Scott Pedals The Musical, you can keep your pedal fix at an all time high. The Pedal Movie is set to be out on April 30.

“In Reverb’s first-ever feature-length film, we tell the story of how a small industry grew from a handful of companies into the galaxy of different makers building pedals today”

The Pedal Movie

The Pedal Movie

History and more

The film will explore the history of pedals and how they became entwined with instruments, allowing musicians to create new music with unique signature sounds. It also features interviews from guitarists such as Nels Cline and J Mascis, plus pedal companies like Way Huge, JHS, Walrus Audio, Z.Vex and Chase Bliss. Many of these boutique pedal companies have worked with Reverb to release limited runs of special edition pedals to promote the film.

The movie will be available to rent or purchase online when it is released via the Reverb site. If you are into making music using pedals, and want to learn more about these little boxes that are covered in knobs and switches, this could well be the film for you!

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