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JHS Pedals Pedals The Musical has Josh Scott gone mad?

JHS Pedals Pedals The Musical  ·  Source: Josh Scott


This historically accurate musical comedy by Josh Scott of JHS pedals is entitled “Pedals The Musical” and it debuts this weekend over two days. The whole thing looks set to be a little crazy, but also very informative.


“Pedals The Musical”

Josh Scott of JHS Pedals has been teasing some pedal costumes on his Instagram account over the past few weeks. Turns out he had been working on a musical! Written by Scott, the live musical theatre production of “Pedals The Musical” sounds as though it is a cross between a Monty Python film and a historical tale of how pedals became such a large part of today’s music-making. It will (allegedly) feature historically accurate scenes that show how many of our favourite stompboxes came into existence. The production is a collaboration between JHS Pedals and Sweetwater.

What I found amusing is that you can even buy a t-shirt or poster of the event! So if you are a hardcore fan of Josh, or pedals, or both, then you can spend some money and buy the merchandise too!

Pedals The Musical merch?

Pedals The Musical merch? · Source: Josh Scott

Live Stream

Pedals The Musical is premiering as a live YouTube event on March 13 and 14 at 7:00pm CST. So you have two days of stompbox insanity to look forward to this weekend. If you are a fan of pedals, effects and want to know more about the people that invented and discovered the original circuits, this could be a fun way to learn something new.


Personally, I’m looking forward to the rise of the boutique pedal section and the ensuing arguments about Klon overdrive pedals. Definitely something to look forward to this weekend. I am also looking looking forward to the flamewars in the YouTube comments section and on guitar forums once it airs! So grab some popcorn, some beer, and get ready to stomp.

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JHS Pedals Pedals The Musical has Josh Scott gone mad?

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One response to “Tune in this weekend for the JHS Pedals/Josh Scott “Pedals The Musical” on YouTube”

    pfrf says:

    The JHS YouTube channel is kind of entertaining. But for the money the pedals are so sonically boring. Morning Glory was good but there is now excellent competition for less money.
    Maybe the new 3 line is a better value?

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