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JHS DOD CoRrosion pedal

DOD CoRrosion pedal?  ·  Source: JHS/YouTube

JHS’s Josh Scott has over time built one of the best YouTube channels for pedalheads. His latest video shows 10 effects pedals that you’ve probably never seen, let alone heard. So are there any treasured gems in amongst the weirdness?

DOD Corosion with that extra feature

The first pedal featured in the video is the DOD CoRrosion. Sonically, it’s rather, ahem, special, being designed to corrode your signal. There’s a nice tie-in with the case, which is unpainted and presumably corrodes with time. A cool concept for a pedal, even though tonally it’s fairly limited in its appeal.

But there are other interesting pedals here, too, such as the Stereo Rotary Effector, Guyatone Dual Octave Box, Seea Stereo Fuzz and the Guyatone Tube Distortion TB-1 with a real tube in it. And there’s more…

Josh Scott is doing an excellent job on his video channel. Not only is it well run and moderated, he also has a great collection of effects pedals. And the sound demos are pretty good, too. All that makes this a fantastic resource for a pedal junkie like myself – I love a weird effects pedal.

Make sure that you go and watch the Behringer vs. Original pedal comparison video from a few weeks ago. It was well executed and one you should check out. I’m quite intrigued to see what he covers in his next video!

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New video? Bollocks! This video is 6 months old. Released 29 Nov 2018.


Just watched your video, really like the corrosion and can see one currently listed on ebay for $1000. Is there a good clone out there? Cheers,