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JHS Pedals Series 3 range launches

JHS Pedals Series 3 range launches  ·  Source: JHS

JHS has just hit the market with a new line of made-in-the-USA pedals called the Series 3 range. Each one costs under a hundred dollars and has a super simple name that basically describes the effect. Finally, some affordable boutique pedals!

JHS Series 3

Josh Scott is at it again! JHS Pedals has just launched its latest Series 3 effects pedal range, and these American built pedals bring boutique effects to the budget market in style.

“The JHS Pedals 3 Series is a collection of pedals designed to give you affordability and simplicity without compromising quality,”

Each pedal comes in a minimalist white enclosure and is named after the actual effect, which means we have an Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Compressor, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb on offer. They all have three simple controls and a single toggle switch, and run from a 9 volt DC negative centre power.

JHS launches their new Series 3 pedal rang

JHS launches its new Series 3 pedal range

Budget Boutique

This new range looks very promising and is likely to be popular among many musicians, as JHS has a solid reputation for building quality effects pedals, and to get them for under a hundred bucks is a great deal, I think. The pedals have the ‘standard’ three controls you would expect for the effect contained within, plus a toggle switch to access a further function specific to the effect type.

JHS Pedals Series 3 with simple control layout for each effect

JHS Pedals Series 3 with simple control layout for each effect

Simple Control layout

You get Volume, Bias, and Fuzz, with a Fat switch, for the Series 3 Fuzz pedal, or Volume, Rate,and Depth controls, and a Vibe switch, for the Series 3 Chorus, and so on. It really couldn’t be any simpler and I am sure the range will appeal to many guitar players.

You can check the whole range out for yourself in the demo video below. All the pedals sound good to me, and it doesn’t hurt that you can pick up these quality effects pedals for a song!

RRP – USD 99 each

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