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Zoom G1 Four and G1X Four multi-effects pedals

Zoom G1 Four and G1X Four multi-effects pedals  ·  Source: Zoom

Zoom’s new G1 Four and G1X Four multi-effects pedals manage to cram a boatload of effects into pedals that are, frankly, cheap as chips. These two new products may suit players on limited budgets or those looking to buy their first ever multi-effects unit.

Zoom G1 Four and G1X Four

After the Winter NAMM launch of the Zoom GCE-3 we thought the Japanese company was done for the year, but no. The look of these two new multi-effects units is relatively classic and somewhat edgier than older models. Zoom has been making multi-effect pedals since the late ’80s and so they have a certain style to them that sees a new iteration on each generation.

The display seems even more pixelated than the first Gameboy generation of almost 40 years ago! But at least it shows the five effects and amps you can run simultaneously.

The unit has four controls (3-band EQ, master), two switches that activate various functions and five pads that switch the individual effects on and off. The X version has a built-in expression pedal, so it costs a little more. But that gives you a lot more control for the extra coin.


Zoom G1 Four multi-effect

Zoom G1X Four multi-effect

CD quality

There are around 60 to 70 emulated effects included here, with 13 amps including speakers. Five can be used simultaneously and connected in any order.

Now add in a looper that records 30 seconds or 64 beats in 44.1 kHz/16 bit. There is also a built-in drum machine with 68 presets and a chromatic tuner. A total of 50 user patches can be created. Everything is managed via Zoom’s Guitar Lab software on the PC via the USB port.

Zoom G1 Four multi-effect

Zoom G1 Four multi-effect

Under €100!

Due out in February, the G1 Four and the G1X Four are available for 79 or 99 Euros – that sounds like a very fair package for me. Zoom has always been very good for entry-level multi-effects and those on a budget or beginners looking to explore effects pedals.

The official demo videos below give a nice overview of what to expect for the money.  I think these could be a good bet.

RRP – EUR 79 and EUR 99

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