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JHS Pedals 1966 Series

JHS Pedals 1966 Series  ·  Source: JHS Pedals/YouTube


JHS Pedals has launched a set of limited edition effect pedals called the 1966 Series. It’s inspired by the effects of the late sixties and is accompanied by an accompanying video with all the juicy details that goes into a lot of detail – a delight for pedalheads in its own right…


JHS Pedals 1966 Series

If you like vintage, classic guitar effects then the late 1960s is certainly an era that you will be interested in. In particular, the year 1966 was a pivotal year for the world of guitar effect pedals. So Josh Scott has built a set of four pedals that clone these original circuits of pedals we all know and love.

JHS Pedals 1966 Series

JHS Pedals 1966 Series · Source: JHS Pedals/YouTube

Tone Benders and more

The JHS Pedals 1966 Series consists of the 1966 Bender, the 1966 Italy, the 1966 Fuzz and the 1966 Boost. I’m pretty sure you could guess which pedal each is based on. But just in case you aren’t sure here are the answers.

1966 Bender = Sola Sound Tone Bender 1.5 (a unique 2 transistor variety and super rare)

1966 Italy = Vox Tone Bender 

1966 Fuzz = Arbiter Fuzz Face

1966 Boost = Dallas Rangemaster Boost 

JHS Tone Bender 1.5 - Not just any old fuzz!

JHS Pedals 1966 Bender and original Tone Bender 1.5 – Not just any old fuzz! · Source: JHS Pedals/YouTube

Perfect Copies?

Each pedal is a clone of the 60s circuit designs and Josh has evidently put a lot of work into each pedal. He even got his family involved and in the video below he goes into great detail over each pedal and why he chose it.

Josh has over 60 in-depth videos about effect pedals over the years, and here he explains how this ‘side project’ evolved into the 1966 Series. Albeit for a limited time.

Labour of Love

Now, let’s face it: these pedals aren’t cheap at USD 399 each. However, I get the feeling that they are a labour of love for Josh and that he has put in a lot of effort here. They come in special packaging and ship with typed notes and other goodies in the box.

JHS Pedals 1966 Series NOS components

JHS Pedals 1966 Series NOS components · Source: JHS Pedals/YouTube

NOS components

Josh Scott says he used his own stash of NOS components for this production run, so the pedals will not be available forever as there just isn’t enough components to make them. My advice is: watch the video and if you like what you hear, choose your favourite, check your bank balance and get ordering.

RRP – USD 399 each

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JHS Pedals 1966 Series

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2 responses to “JHS Pedals 1966 Series: Josh Scott clones four classic effect pedals”

    George says:

    All 80 sold out the day they were released.

    ThinAir says:

    Well, JHS did sell out of the run of 1966 pedals practically overnight, so I’d say Josh could have probably charged even more for them. Super cool that he dipped into his private stash of vintage components. I love that this was a passion project for him and he even got his kids involved.

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