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What's The Deal With Behringer?

What's The Deal With Behringer?  ·  Source: YouTube/ JHS


JHS Pedals has just posted a new YouTube video entitled “What’s The Deal With Behringer?” comparing a bunch of cheap Behringer pedals with the classic/boutique pedals they were inspired by. And it’s quite the eye-opener, too. Warning, gear snobs: you may want to turn away now!


During the video, Josh Scott from JHS compares Behringer’s budget effects pedals with the original pedals by Boss, Ibanez and others that served as “inspirations” for Behringer’s products. Josh starts off by giving a history of Behringer and talks about how Behringer got so big and the companies that were acquired by the Music Tribe group.

Switchback A/B

Using a JHS Pedals Switchback to A/B these budget effects against the original versions, you get a good impression of what to expect from each one. Josh from JHS tells you a bit about the circuit the Behringer versions are based on, a little history about each one and the odd bit of detail about the circuits in question.

I’m pretty sure anyone into effects pedals will learn something during this 25-minute video. I highly recommend giving it a look before it gets pulled off the web!

Some of the pedals discussed and heard in this video are among the more highly desirable vintage effects pedals. And then they are compared directly to their Behringer versions. Now, many gearheads get snobbish about cheaper versions of ’boutique’ effects pedals and this video will probably have some of them up in arms. Josh takes a more nuanced view about these cheaper Behringer pedals than just saying, “These are nowhere near as good,” or something similar. He does say that we would “encourage buying these classics because the resell is great and they’re super-collectible and fun,” but has a lot of good things to say about the Behringer pedals they’re inspired by, too.


Here’s a full list of the pedals on demo:

Behringer TU300,  Boss TU-2, Behringer CL9,  Ibanez CP9, Behringer UO300, OC-2 ,Behringer UT300, Boss TR-2, Behringer DR600, Boss RV-5, Behringer VD400, Boss DM-3, Behringer FM600, Line 6 Otto Filter, Behringer EQ700, Boss GE-7, Behringer UV300, Boss VB-2, Behringer UM300, Boss MT-2, Behringer HM300, Boss HM-2, Behringer NR300, Boss NS-2, Behringer UC200, Boss CH-1, Behringer TO800, Ibanez TS808, Behringer VT999, Behringer VM1, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, Behringer VT911, B.K. Butler Tube Driver, Behringer CS400, Boss CS-3, Behringer TM300, Tech 21 SansAmp GT2, Behringer SF300, Boss FZ-2, Univox Super-Fuzz


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What's The Deal With Behringer?

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