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Ableton Loop At Home

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This weekend, Ableton’s website will host the yearly Loop event. Loop 2020 is also known as Loop At Home, because… well, you know why. Here’s what’s in store…

Ableton Loop At Home (24 – 26 April)

Starting this Friday, tune in between 11 am and 9 pm CEST to witness the Loop programme. The hours are the same every day and are assigned as follows:

  • 11 am CEST – Daily Challenge + Morning Inspiration
  • 7 pm CEST – Live Artist Broadcast
  • 9 pm CEST – United We Stream: Live from Berlin

The Loop At Home website will be updated every day with instructions and resources for the daily challenges, videos and streams. Participants will share their creations with Ableton, fellow music makers and the world at large. An email newsletter is available to better keep up with the events.

Artist Programme

The artists which will stream performances are:

  • Sebastian Mullaert – Friday (April 24)
  • Rachel K Collier – Saturday (April 25)
  • Andrew Huang – Sunday (April 26)


This post will also be updated with our coverage. We have an eventful weekend ahead, so stay tuned with Ableton and Gearnews!

Day 1 (April 24)

Loop At Home 2020 began with a welcome video from the Ableton team and proceeded with the first daily challenge: Gizmophone. Gizmophone is about building a one-off musical instrument from makeshit materials in your home. Then record a performance and share it with the world. Ableton offers plenty of inspiration for building your Gizmophone and three official channels on social media (Metapop, Facebook, Twitter) to share your creations in.

Sebastian Muallert went live at 7 PM CEST, giving a performance and explaining his unique workflow.

At 9PM CEST / 3PM EDT, Ableton will broadcast live from the “elusive and idiosyncratic” Heideglühen club.

Day 2 (April 25)

The day begins with a new challenge. Create and share a track using a sample pack created from the legendary Polish Radio Experimental Studio archive!

Tonight’s 7PM CEST session will feature Rachel K Collier. The artist will take us through the songwriting, production and live looping setup for her song “Tattoo”.

Day 2 ends with a live broadcast from Hardwax, one of Berlin’s most influential record shops and music institutions. Watch it here.

Day 3 (April 26)

Today’s challenge is to create a piece of house music by following a very specific set of instructions. They are quite unique and are available here.

Tonight’s 7PM CEST live stream will see musician and educator Andrew Huang take on the very same challenge live for everyone to see.

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