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Yeco 1.1 Browser

Yeco 1.1 Browser  ·  Source: press pack


Yeco for Ableton Live is a touchscreen overlay that makes Live touchable. You can record and trigger clips, mix, manipulate devices and scenes, all with your fingers and without having to look at Ableton Live at all. 


The one thing missing in the original release was a way to add content from your library. You couldn’t drop in loops, effects, plug-ins or anything like that. Obviously, the ability to do this is the biggest feature request they’ve had. Well, you no longer have to flip back to Live when you want to add a new instrument or loop, version 1.1 includes a browser – hooray!

You simply tap on the folder button and navigate to the plug-in, preset or loop that you’re after and hit “load”. It then loads onto the selected track or clip. It’s such a simple function that it really should have been there in the first place. You can now practically make music in Ableton Live, with your fingers, without ever having to look at it. Is that a good thing? Yes, if you like using a touchscreen.

There are iPad apps that do this sort of thing. But with Yeco the advantage is that you are running on the same computer as Ableton Live, which greatly simplifies your gear. You’re not having to create ad-hoc networks to get the two machines to talk. And you’re not having to buy an expensive iPad when, if you’re running a Surface or Hybrid touchscreen laptop, you have it all built in.

As an added bonus you can get Yeco for a 25% discount using the code BROWSERMADNESS at checkout. Otherwise, it’s €45. More information on the ScreenForge Yeco website.


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Yeco 1.1 Browser

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