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Ableton Live 10 possibly?

Ableton Live 10 possibly?  ·  Source:

Ableton Live 10 possibly?

Ableton Live 10 possibly?  ·  Source:

Ableton Live 10 possibly?

Ableton Live 10 possibly?  ·  Source:

The internet is a tricky place, especially YouTube. It picks up all sorts of things in the background of studios and manufacturers when they are trying to tell us something interesting (possibly) about something else. It won’t be long before anyone that’s beta testing anything will have all cameras banned from the environment. Until then we can enjoy speculating on whether this is an unseen version of Ableton Live filling the screen of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Rhythm Roulette video (below).

Ableton Live 10

This was spotted in the video by Ask.Audio and I tend to agree with their first glance assessment that it’s a skin for version 9. It’s certainly Ableton Live, and it’s certainly not in the regular default theme. So perhaps it could just be a heavily customised and personalised theme for version 9? Quite possibly yes but the thing that seems to be the most different is the browser. It has a different layout and what could be a long awaited search filter box.

Maybe it’s just not quite different enough to warrant getting too excited. I imagine we’ll all feel pretty silly when it emerges that this is regular version 9. But, it’s been 4 years since version 9 arrived and so there has to be a version 10 out there, preparing to dazzle us, sooner rather than later.

We keep on hoping. The Ableton action starts at around the 3:24 mark.

2 responses to “Has Ableton Live 10 been spotted in a DJ Jazzy Jeff video?”

  1. Derlis Ibarra Noguera says:

    just a Skin

  2. Paolo says:

    Not sure it’s just a skin. If you zoom you can see there are labeled I/Os, that Live doesent’n actually have

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