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Cycling '74 Max 8

Cycling '74 Max 8  ·  Source: Cycling '74

With Ableton buying Cycling ’74 and now absorbing Max for Live into the core of Live 10 it may make you wonder what’s going to happen to the full version of Cycling ’74’s object orientated sound and synthesis designer. Max 8, that’s what, coming second quarter 2018.


Max 8

Cycling ’74 may now be owned by Ableton but they are moving onwards and upwards. They say that including a version of Max for Live in Ableton Live just makes everything easier for everyone. Ableton have been using a preliminary version of Max 8 during the development of Live 10. This has also helped to smooth Max 8 ready for release next year. Keen to reassure their community, Cycling ’74 said, “The version of Max 8 bundled with Live 10 will not affect your use of either Max 7 or Max for Live in older versions of Live”.

It’s important to remember that Max and Max for Live are different. Max for Live is more of a player of devices built in the Max environment. Whereas the full version of Max allows you to build completely standalone applications.

As of November 2nd, 2017 anyone who purchases a full version or an upgrade to Max 7 will receive an upgrade to Max 8 for free. Anyone who is an active Max subscriber when Max 8 is released will have access to the new version.

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