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The Pedal Movie Way Huge, Walrus Audio, Z.Vex and Chase Bliss Audio

The Pedal Movie Way Huge, Walrus Audio, Z.Vex and Chase Bliss Audio  ·  Source: Reverb

Way Huge, Walrus Audio, Z Vex and Chase Bliss Audio are all releasing exclusive new pedals for Reverb’s The Pedal Movie. This second wave of stompbox release includes four pedals. One of the pedals from the first run will be getting a re-release, as it sold out quite quickly and caused a bit of a controversy. 

Z Vex/Chase Bliss Audio Bliss Factory

The good news for anyone that missed the first batch of the Bliss Factory pedals is that this Z Vex/Chase Bliss Audio hybrid is coming back, just with a different paint job. It is essentially a Fuzz Factory, but with Chase Bliss Audio’s digital control, and an added Joel Korte-designed low pass filter for extra harmonics. The original run of this pedal sold out in seconds and caused a huge stir on many guitar forums. So if you missed out the first time around, now’s your chance.

Z.Vex and Chase Bliss Audio Bliss Factory

Z.Vex and Chase Bliss Audio Bliss Factory

Walrus Audio Warhorn / Ages

If you’re an overdrive junkie, you will love this pedal. Walrus Audio has combined its Warhorn and Ages overdrive pedals into one massive stompbox of joy. Named funnily enough, Warhorn/Ages, this beast of an overdrive offers two circuits for you to play with. This includes the Warhorn with its transparent drives and the use of both symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping options, plus the Ages with its five-mode circuit that gives you access to a wide range of low- and high-gain tones.

Walrus Audio Warhorn : Ages overdrive pedal

Walrus Audio Warhorn : Ages overdrive pedal

Way Huge – Beer and Effect Pedal

Jeorge TrippsWay Huge has opted instead to rename two of its most popular pedals. The Beer and Effect Pedal are both rebranded pedals with new names and in a new minimal decor. The Beer is actually the Way Huge Saucy Box overdrive circuit, which we have also seen as the Chalky Box in the past. And the Effect Pedal is actually the Swollen Picklefuzz pedal.



The first exclusive sale of pedals to celebrate the release of The Pedal Movie were sold out in seconds. And many turned up not long after for hugely inflated prices, causing quite a bit of kerfuffle online. This second wave of pedals will be released on February 23 and hopefully, it won’t be a repeat of that saga. Prices for each pedal have yet to be announced, so you will need to head on over to the site to find out how much each pedal will cost on the day.

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