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Way Huge Chalky Box - Call it whatever you like!

Way Huge Chalky Box - Call it whatever you like!  ·  Source: Instagram/Way Huge

Way Huge’s new Chalky Box is a limited edition version of the Saucy Box pedal, covered in chalkboard paint so that you can call it whatever you want.

Way Huge Chalky Box

Way Huge’s Chalky Box has an enclosure covered with a special paint to make the surface feel like a school chalkboard. So if you’re bored with the way the pedal looks, grab some chalk and and rename it – or draw pictures all over it. Whatever you want.

Way Huge Chalky Box

Way Huge Chalky Box


On the inside, the Chalky Box is identical with Way Huge’s Saucy Box overdrive pedal. But this one is a limited edition run that you can visually customize as you like. Way Huge is run by pedal builder extraordinaire Jeorge Tripps, who’s is well known for his odd and tongue-in-cheek pedal names, like the Swollen Pickle and Camel Toe. Now you can make up your own saucy effect pedal names for the Chalky Box.

This is a limited edition pedal and will only be available from a few outlets. I expect they will become pretty sought-after by pedal collectors. I already own a Saucy Box, so I will pass on this one. But if you want one don’t hang around too long to order one, as I am sure they will be popular.

What are you going to call yours? Leave your suggestions for names in the comments section below!

RRP – USD 119

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