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Chase Bliss Audio Thermae

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae  ·  Source: Chase Bliss Audio/YouTube

Chase Bliss Audio has a new pedal called the Thermae, an analogue delay with digital control that can coax mutated musical repeats that would not normally be possible in a regular, all-analogue delay circuit.


Chase Bliss Audio Thermae

This new creation from Chase Bliss Audio will start shipping on 31 May this year. It’s the latest effect from the boutique pedal maker to utilise modern digital control manipulating an analogue circuit path.

Thermae is built around a vintage-inspired Bucket Brigade BBD circuit by four MN3005. But like all Chase Bliss Audio effects, it utilises a digital control that can, for example, create musical intervals, manual and automatic triggering and even sequencing.

This is no ordinary delay circuit. In fact, its simple control layout seems to belie far more complex functionality under the hood.

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae DIP switches for complex digital control


Where stuff gets serious is on the rear of the pedal at the top. Here you’ll find a series of DIP switches that allow you to do some serious tweaking on the Thermae’s analogue signal path. Crazy sounds are on tap, sure, but it will also happily dish out classic 100% analogue delays as well.

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae front panel

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae front panel


The pedal has MIDI and CV control options as part of the inputs and outputs of its control section. The pedal itself has six knobs labelled Mix, LPF, Regen, Glide, Int 1 (Speed) and Int 2 (Depth). The latter two have three settings accessible via the two mini toggle switches directly below them and then a third toggle switch labelled Tap/MIDI completes the controls.

I reckon that the Thermae is one to watch out for in 2018 and I would suggest that you take a moment to check out the official Thermae introduction video below, to get an idea of what it is capable of.

RRP – USD 499 due out on 31 May

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