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Damnation Audio Curmudgeon 2  ·  Source: Damnation Audio

The new Damnation Audio Curmudgeon 2 is a solid-state power amp distortion which multiplies your incoming signal by 1000, letting you slam the simulated amp section hard. So hard, in fact, that it just distorts into oblivion. Perfect for guitar, bass, synth, and more!

Damnation Audio Curmudgeon 2

With a simulated power amp that has parallel stages that are then mixed and loaded down just like a power amp, the new Damnation Audio Curmudgeon 2 pedal works hard to slam your signal and create huge distortion. The solid-state power amp acts just like a real amp and makes for some really heavy tones when hit hard. Because of its multiple stages of solid-state amp coloration and the distortion available, it gives a nice and natural, though very heavy, distortion.

Damnation Audio Curmudgeon 2 Analogue Bass Distortion

Damnation Audio Curmudgeon 2 Analogue Bass Distortion

Heavy Distortion

Designed primarily as a distortion for bass guitar, it works equally well with guitars and synths, so it’s a pretty versatile pedal to have around. You get controls for Volume, Tone (which is a simple low-pass filter) and Gain, with an added Depth switch. Flip the switch down for a brighter tone, or up for a thicker one.

Pedalboard Friendly

It is an original all-analogue design and uses silent relay-based true-bypass switching to keep things clean and tidy for your signal path. The pedal itself has top mounted jacks and will sit nicely on your pedalboard. It runs only from an external 9V DC 2.1mm centre negative (BOSS-style) power adapter.

If you want to hear the huge distortion tones on offer, then check out the official video below. But be prepared to get smashed in the face with heavyweight, thick gain tones. I like that you can use this distortion on all types of signals, which for me would make this a very useful effect to have in the studio, as it is so versatile.

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