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Walrus Audio RED High-Gain-Distortion

Walrus Audio RED High-Gain-Distortion  ·  Source:

Walrus Audio have just started taking orders on the new RED High-Gain Distortion pedal. The company were showing this brand new overdrive at the NAMM Show at the weekend, along with the limited re-run of their popular Julia Chorus.


The pedal is aimed at lovers of that ’90s over-the-top distortion used by Swedish Death Metal bands and alternative Shoegaze bands from that era. It has two different configurations of clipping diodes and these are accessed using the texture switch. In the top position, it gives you a lower level of compression and clipping, which is good for overdrive-like sounds. In the bottom position it gets more of both and is then better suited to singing, sustained lead tones.


The box has Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume and Gain controls to set the overall levels of the RED’s distortion circuit. The pedal is super saturated and is in no way, shape or form transparent. Expect a wall of filth and you will be in the right ballpark with the RED.

RED High Gain Distortion – RRP $219.00 plus shipping/taxes

Walrus Audio RED High-Gain-Distortion

Walrus Audio RED High-Gain-Distortion. Super saturated ’90s gain.


01 17 Julia

Also, I need to briefly mention the limited edition run of their Julia  Chorus/Vibrato pedal, which also goes on sale now. This is a limited run with a different graphic. It still has the same Rate, Depth and Lag control knobs as the original pedal. There are additional LFO options accessible via mini-toggle switch, while the d-c-v knob lets you choose between Dry, Chorus or Vibrato.

Julia Limited Edition – RRP $209 plus shipping/taxes

Walrus Audio Limited Edition Julia Chorus and Vibrato

Walrus Audio Limited Edition Julia Chorus and Vibrato


Walrus Audio RED High Gain Distortion

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