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Walrus Audio Santa Fe Series

Walrus Audio Santa Fe Series  ·  Source: Walrus Audio

The Walrus Audio Black Friday Limited Edition Sante Fe Series brings new exclusive paint jobs to ten of its popular effects pedals. If you like something a bit different on your board, then you may want to have a look at these brightly coloured coloured units for your setup.

Sante Fe Series Limited Edition

This Black Friday, Walrus Audio has revisited its 385, Monument, Deep Six, Julianna, Ages, Julia, Arp-87, Fathom, Slö and Lillian pedals, as part of its limited edition Sante Fe Series. Each pedal comes adorned in a brightly coloured finish and with a set of cream coloured, vintage-style knobs. We have already covered most of these popular boutique effects in previous articles. I think the pedals are all well worth owning, even without the special graphics.

Walrus Audio Black Friday Limited Edition Sante Fe Series

Walrus Audio Black Friday Limited Edition Sante Fe Series

Black Friday?

The prices for the pedals in the Santa Fe Series are the same as the regular versions, which is great. It gives you the opportunity to get something unique, without paying extra for its ‘limited edition’ status. You can order them directly from the Walrus Audio site (see link below) or from certain official dealers.

It’s not clear what the release numbers for each pedal will be. But I would suggest you don’t hang around too long if you want one. It’s likely they will sell out pretty quickly, especially to pedal collectors. Sometimes these limited colour releases of boutique stompboxes become collectable in the future, so you may even be making a tentative investment with these pedals.

RRP – USD 199 each, except for the Juliana which is USD 249

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