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Walrus Audio combines the Slö and Fathom pedals into one gold pedal  ·  Source: Walrus Audio/Reverb

Looks like Walrus Audio has a master alchemist on staff: The cool promo video for a limited edition pedal combining the Slö and Fathom pedals into one unit features a puppet magician who turns two normal pedals into one gold-coloured mammoth reverb stompbox! The new Gold Standard dual reverb is available via Reverb – but don’t blink or they will all be gone. This is a highly limited release.

Walrus Audio Gold Standard Slö and Fathom

With only 196 pedals available worldwide, this latest release from Walrus Audio is pretty darn limited, as editions go. Especially considering how many fans they have across the planet. I have the feeling that these will sell out pretty quickly.

Each unit contains the Slö and Fathom circuits, so you have two fancy reverb pedals in one, with the addition of a sustain footswitch for each, meaning both pedals can create a swell effect. Let’s have a closer look at both sides of this monster pedal.


The Slö circuit is on the left side. It has Dark, Rise and Dream modes, with sub-octave, swelling and shimmery ambient reverbs available. It’s got controls for Modulation Depth and Waveform, Tone Filter, Overall Mix and Reverb Decay.

Walrus Audio combines the Slö and Fathom pedals into one gold pedal

Walrus Audio combines the Slö and Fathom pedals into one gold pedal


The Fathom section has different reverb operating modes including Hall, Plate, Lo-Fi and Sonar, along with three modulation modes. Controls for Decay, Dampen and Mix are also available.

If you want to have endless reverbs, or huge pad-like washes of sounds for ambient soundscapes and textures, then this gold standard reverb is one you may want to get hold of. For two combined boutique reverb pedals, I think the price is about right. It is just a shame there are only 196 of them are being produced.

If you want to hear it, well, there’s only the bonkers promo video. So I’ve popped the Slö vs  Fathom video from earlier this year as well for you to check out, as it covers both in more detail.

RRP – USD 349

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