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Weston Precision Audio B2 and AD110

Weston Precision Audio B2 and AD110  ·  Source: Weston Precision Audio

Two new modules from Weston Precision Audio; the B2 Kick Drum/Bass synthesizer and the AD110 analog drum module inspired by a certain Dr Rhythm.

B2 Kick Drum/Bass

The B2 is a full synth voice capable of produced a solid thump/blip/boom of a kick drum or if you let it breathe a bit it can become a snazzy bass synth. It has 4 waveforms with mixing and sub-octave sine wave. It has a pair of fast AR/AD envelope generators with 3 modes, VCA and multi-mode VCF. One envelope goes to the Bend Amount and the other to the VCA. You have gate/trigger inputs, 1v/Oct, a velocity CV input and CV over the filter cutoff.

There’s a lot packed into this module and I really like that it’s designed to be different things and can do either equally well.


The AD110 is inspired by the Boss DR-110 analogue drum machine and features the same 6 voices wrapped up in a 16HP module. You have pitch and resonance control over the Kick, pitch and decay on the Snare, decay on the Cymbal and spread/reverb on the Clap. Simple, fabulous, with individual and mix outputs and an accent input.

Both will be available soon as thru-hole DIY kits.

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