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Joe Bonamassa's 1951 Nocaster 'The Bludgeon'

Joe Bonamassa's 1951 Nocaster 'The Bludgeon'  ·  Source: YouTube/Ernie Ball


Joe Bonamassa has revealed his new soon-to-be-released signature model Fender Custom Shop ’51 Nocaster on Instagram. Called ‘The Bludgeon’, it would appear that the first few are already rolling off the line, ready to go.


Fender Custom Shop ’51 Nocaster ‘The Bludgeon’

We first talked about this potential release all the way back in 2019 and now it looks like it is finally here. It has been at least five minutes since the last Joe Bonamassa signature product was released, so we were all due a new one (only joking Joe, we love you). Joe recently shared his new Fender Custom Shop ’51 Nocaster ‘The Bludgeon’ on his Instagram page, so it’s only a matter fo time before this new model hits the shelves.

Joe Bonamassa teases Fender Custom Shop with Nocaster drop off

Joe Bonamassa teases Fender Custom Shop with Nocaster drop off

Seymour Duncan

As we understand, the new signature guitar will have a set of  Seymour Duncan pickups, no doubt exclusive to the “The Bludgeon”, and will more than likely be available at a later date as a standalone product, as usually tends to happen with Joe’s signature gear.

The guitar itself is a recreation of Bonamassa’s 1951 Nocaster. His version has a Gibson PAF in the neck position, so it has been tinkered with at some point in its lifetime.

Limited Edition

The guitar is a limited run, with only 100 of the Bonamassa signature Nocasters being made. That was to be expected, as it is a Custom Shop instrument and, as such, will likely have a limited audience. As of now, there are no official specifications released, so keep an eye out on Fender’s page for updates.


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