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Joe Bonamassa's 1951 Nocaster 'The Bludgeon'

Joe Bonamassa's 1951 Nocaster 'The Bludgeon'  ·  Source: YouTube/Ernie Ball


We all knew this was coming. Fender has just released an official video with Joe Bonamassa and Custom Shop Master Builder Greg Fessler, the man who will build all 100 of The Bludgeon models. These limited run guitars are based on Joe Bonamassa’s 1951 Fender NoCaster.


Joe Bonamassa 1951 Fender NoCaster The Bludgeon

Yes, another cloned Joe Bonamassa guitar. This particular model is pretty much an exact replica of his original 1951 Fender NoCaster, lovingly known as The Bludgeon. Greg Fessler is the master builder who’ll be creating each guitar by hand, all from scratch.

The Bludgeon

The Bludgeon

Seymour Duncan

Unfortunately, since locating 1oo spare PAF humbuckers and NoCaster Flat Pole bridge pickups is nearly impossible, Seymour Duncan has stepped in (surprise, surprise) and will be winding all the pickups for these limited edition signature models. The pickups are out of phase in the middle position and so it has a unique tone. Well the original one does, so I suspect they will try to replicate it on these Custom Shop versions.

Joe Bonamassa's latest signature guitar, the Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster, The Bludgeon

Joe Bonamassa’s latest signature guitar, the Fender Custom Shop ’51 NoCaster, The Bludgeon

70 year old = Heavy Relic

The guitar has a one-piece ash body and a large U-shape NoCaster profile maple neck, with a pretty heavy-relic natural finish to simulate 70 years of play wear, of which 7 were in the hands of Bonamassa himself. According to Greg Fessler, it’s pretty odd to see a one-piece ash body on a NoCaster, so it is kind of special. And it does sounds good in Joe’s hands, though I reckon he could make a Squier sing!

It isn’t cheap, and is sure to be collectable. But let’s face it, the Telecaster-style NoCaster isn’t exactly hard to build. Maybe go and make your own? I know I would.

RRP – USD 8500 inc hard case 

More Information on The Bludgeon

Official Video of The Bludgeon


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