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Recodrum  ·  Source: Reco-Synth


Recodrum  ·  Source: Reco-Synth


Recodrum  ·  Source: Reco-Synth

Brazillian synth maker Arthur Joly says that he has finally forged the Recodrum that he’s always dreamed of. The finest hand-built, analog drum machine you’ll ever find.


What a gorgeous looking machine. Recodrum is surrounded in woodwork with a cliff edge rake and a deeply vintage glow in this retro-console styled analog intrusion into our space and reality. Never seen a drum machine quite like it. It answers the question, what if EMS made a Putney-Beats? It’s a beautiful piece of work.

The top half of Recodrum is an analog percussion synthesizer. There are controls for the sound of all eight drum channels. These are Hi-Hat, Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi Perc, Lo Perc and Stick. The controls are relatively simple with decay on the Hi-Hat and separate level controls for open and closed, tuning and tone on the Kick, grit and filtering on the Snare, and tone and decay on the rest. The layout and size of the knobs are refreshingly relaxed and extravagant with plenty of room to play.

The bottom half features the pattern-sequencer with wonderfully glowy orange buttons and mechanical mute switches. It’s a classic 16 step machine that can save patterns for recall on-the-fly. You can also jam in steps live as well as simply turning them on.

It’s the pattern saving and the implementation of MIDI and Clock In/Out that has brought Arthur to the point of declaring this his finest drum machine yet. Recodrum is a stunner.

If you’d like one you’ll need to get on the waiting list and it takes them a few weeks to build to order and they can build about 6 a month. It costs 8,000 Brazillian Real which translates to just over £1,000 which is pretty reasonable for such a device, although you’ll have to consider shipping and import taxes. They can also do it with a green front panel – nice!

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2 responses to “Recodrum: Arthur Joly’s finest drum machine”

  1. Gimme! says:

    Very nice, looks somewhere between a boutique Moog and a drum machine. From the demo, it sounds pretty good as well. Glad to know that ‘low percussion’ is the same in Portugese as it is in English…. 🙂

  2. Paul Boos says:

    This is an amazing drum machine! Wow! Classic sound and great programmability…

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