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JoMoX Alpha Base

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A photo of a never-seen-before JoMoX drum machine just turned up on Facebook. It’s called the Alpha Base – Analog Drum Machine and we can only assume that it’s a prototype of new product.

If you look closely at the image you can see how the label overlays are not fully stuck down. This is still some way from a finished product. The design and layout matches their two previous drum machines, the now discontinued XBASE 888 and XBASE 999. JoMoX have been culling a lot of their product range to the point that they have no drum machines at all any more. There’s the MBase 11 kick generator and the M.Brane11 analogue drum synthesizer that lacks much in the way of knobs or easy editing. JoMoX appear to be focusing their efforts in the area of modular where they have much more tweakable version of the drum synth. So a new fully fledged and tweakable analog drum machine would be exactly what the doctor ordered.

There’s no information on the current state of production, ETA or pricing so all we can do is speculate. The XBASE range used to be the go-to machines for authentic 808 and 909 sounds. I’m hoping that the Alpha Base will fill the void left by these machines and bring something new to the table. If you look at the LCD display there is the word “Sampl” which could indicate some kind of sample based engine like the XBASE 09. Who knows. JoMoX are a little bit famous for taking their time to do anything so I wouldn’t expect any more information too soon.

To see what the Alpha Base could be based upon check out the other products on the JoMoX website.


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