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Dreadbox Pedals

Dreadbox Pedals  ·  Source: Dreadbox

The Dreadbox website has some a row of blurred stompbox effects in the style of their Komoreibi Chorus pedal. New effects incoming!


No details yet but they sure do look pretty. They appear to be built from the same mould as the Komorebi but in new and fabulous colours. The arrangement is the same with a big knob top left and then three knobs forming a triangle in the middle above the footswitch. Along the top are three patch points for Eurorack – oh yes, these are built for modular and synthesizers rather than guitars although you can do whatever you want with them.

In the lineup, we appear to have a Stereo Delay/Looper, a Stereo Reverb, 8-Stage Phaser and a Compressor-Filter. That’s all we have at present. I do love the colours, just like with the Eurorack Chromatic modules, they make a wonderfully happy statement.

From the Komorebi we know they’ll have a jack in and out on the back and can be powered by a regular 9V DC Boss style power supply.

As I say these are geared towards synthesizers as we do love to mess about with pedals but there’s no reason why you couldn’t plug guitars and other instruments into them.

They look fantastic and could be a brilliant way to add some versatile and portable effects to your setup without using up rack space. Looking forward to hearing more soon!

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4 responses to “New stomp box effects from Dreadbox?”

  1. sean says:

    I like they way they blur them out so you cant see what they are but if you hover over them a box pops up that tells you exactly what it is!

  2. Paul Boos says:

    Drool…. The Komorebi is wonderful. I made the Rare Waves Hydronium scream (in a nice way) with it and a nice delay.

  3. Paul Boos says:

    Actually I just jumped on their site to see what they had up…

    The blurred picture brings a pop up above each unit about what it is – from left to right, Stereo Delay/Looper, Stereo Reverb, Komorebi, 8 Stage Phaser, and a Compressor-Filter. THe last two seem to have 3 similar 3.5mm CV connections on them so that is a positive sign for Eurorack integration.

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