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Faded Instruments Litbit

Faded Instruments Litbit  ·  Source: Faded Instruments

Litbit by Faded Instruments is a colorful and affordable bit crusher plug-in with a twist: The bit and sample rates react to the input signal via envelope followers, making the sound “breathe”.

Faded Instruments Litbit

Faded Instruments have quickly made a name for themselves with their colorful and unique plug-ins. Now the company is back with Litbit: a bit crusher that breathes.

I really dig the GUI on this one. You can crush and reduce the bit and sample rates independently using the large Reduce knobs. If that doesn’t do the trick already, both sections offer a jitter/random option called Crinkle, which “adds a bit of noisy chaos”, according to Faded Instruments.

So far, so good. Litbit’s most unique feature, however, are the two Breathe knobs. The bit and sample rate sections both include envelope followers, allowing the plug-in to react to the input signal. This means that Litbit doesn’t just do static bit crushing, it can also deliver a variety of dynamic effects that “breathe” with your audio. Alternatively, you can send another signal to the plug-ins sidechain input to control the breathing, so Litbit can react to other tracks, as well.

Add to that an extra noise knob, DC offsett button, low pass/high pass DJ filter and a saturation option, and it becomes clear that Litbit is capable of a wide range of destructive processing. There’s even a funky lissajous visualization of how the plug-in demolishes your audio.

While you may already own an assortment of different bit crushers, Litbit brings a couple of fresh ideas to the table. At the plug-in’s affordable price, it’s an easy choice for any lo-fi aficionado.

Price and compatibility

Faded Instruments Litbit is now available for USD 14.20.

The plug-in runs as a VST on Windows (64 bit) and as an AU on macOS. At this point, there’s no VST version for Mac.

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