New Guitar Amps 2016 Quiz

05 Nov 2016 in
All year, our resident amp expert Jef Stone has been feeding you the latest news on the hottest amps, from 50s-style reissue Blues combos to 200-Watt Hair Metal monsters. Have you been paying attention?

How to sound like J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr

15 Oct 2016 in
Coming out of the post-punk hardcore scene of the United States, J Mascis transformed from a drummer into guitar legend, his unique style was complemented by his love of classic rock and melded with his ...

Weird guitar pedals – Top 5

13 Sep 2016 in
Our Top 5 Weird and Wonderful effects pedals of 2016 so far. Join us down the rabbit hole and seek inspiration on the road less travelled with these odd little stomp boxes of joy.