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Worst pedal names? Hairy Balls or Camel Toe?

Worst pedal names? Hairy Balls or Camel Toe?  ·  Source: YouTube/intheblues


Effects pedals come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. A big trend at the moment is to name them as stupidly as possible, preferably including some smutty gags and double-entendres. So which pedals do you think have the worst names? And is it all getting a bit, well, tired?


Worst Pedal Names 2018

So what were the most stupid pedal names so far? Is it Cockfight, Two Timers, Super Hard On, A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee, Turd Polish or the classic Big Muff? So pedal manufacturers like having a bit of fun, but sometimes it seems like they’ll just slap on a funny name to get punters buying their new all singing, all dancing effect pedal.

Do I really want a pedal on my board called Screaming Whore or Hairy Balls? By those standards, the Camel Toe pedal is relatively subtle, I suppose. Pedals like Jeorge Tripp’s Swollen Pickle are obviously named to grab your attention and set them apart. Merkin fuzz anyone? But pedal names seem to be becoming more ridiculous. We even had a fuzz pedal named The Turd (and its spin-off, the Mini Turd) in recent years.

Everyone is following suit, from the boutique builders soldering away in their garages to the major pedal companies whose wares come from factory production lines. Is this just a few men having a laugh or a cheap way of to attract attention? What are your favourites? And do you know of any pedals we haven’t listed here whose names are even worse?


YouTuber intheblues looked at some sick effect names in his video from 2016 (see below) but things seem to have got worse in recent years…


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Worst pedal names? Hairy Balls or Camel Toe?

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2 responses to “Stupid effect pedal names: Is it all getting a bit tired?”

    William Paxson says:

    Sort of funny really that us Yanks are often stereotyped as prudes yet most of this stuff is coming from us. Mike Matthews (EH) pretty much has this all to himself with the Big Muff until relatively recently but even then you have to give him a pass as that came out in the era of the “hippy” 60’s along with Robert Crumb comics and came across as more funny than rude. And just as bad is Friedman with some of his amp, ahem, monikers. I mean really, you expect folks to get turned on by an uber-expensive amp designated the “Brown Eye”?

    Nik says:

    Why be a Karen about it? Just don’t buy them.

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