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Line 6 Edit Real Names Mod  ·  Source: Ben Vesco


Ben Vesco is the name of the genius that has made it possible for Line 6 users to see all the real names for the inbuilt effect pedals and amp models in the Line 6 Helix systems.


Line 6 Edit Real Names Mod

If you head over to Ben’s page, you can download his Line 6 Edit Real Names Mod for absolutely free! This simple to install update for your Line 6 editor allows users to see all the original effect pedal and amp names in their Helix or POD Go system. He has even added a little picture of each one to make it easier to navigate when using. The fact that the icons match the originals is a great touch and makes this mod super useful.

Ben Vesco Line 6 Editor with updated real names

Ben Vesco Line 6 Editor with updated real names

Update your names

For obvious reasons, Line 6 cannot use these names legally, as they belong to other companies. We all know who and what they really are, but sometimes it can get rather frustrating trying to remember which one is which. Thankfully, Ben Vesco has done all of the hard work, allowing the rest of us to see the real names for all the virtual pedals and amps in Line 6’s systems.

The updates are for the following systems

  • POD Go Edit
  • HX Edit
  • Helix Native

Check out the video below for the full instructions on how to install these updated files and follow the link below to grab your free copy of them. They will work on both Mac and PC systems. Do remember, however, that you are doing this of your own accord and that Ben cannot be held responsible if you mess it up, so watch those instructions carefully!



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  • Ben Vesco Line 6 Editor with updated real names: Ben Vesco

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6 responses to “This Helix mod shows you the real “names” of your amps and pedals”

    can’t believe it I haven’t hacked(so easy) myself the “Helix”-software ….guess I use the PC for tone setup rarely
    so lking fwd for a clean way to hack the divide itself …
    thx for the news and the …json files @author

    I see where the real name mod has been removed. Ugh!!! I just bought a Pod Go… This would have been so helpful.

    Scott says:

    Editing the Catalog file is pretty straight forward, but I am not sure why or what we need to edit in the Controls file. Anyone?

    Thor says:

    I just asked if this could be made available in the Line 6 forum and people got angry for not being obedient to our corporate overlords.. PLEASE bring this mod back or explain how to do this.. When I found your mod it made my day. sadly it has been removed 🙁
    This would save me much time

    a cosores says:

    if you use a program (free)
    visual studio.
    you can open the .json files and edit.
    the hardest part is knowing the real names of everything.
    i think by law you can do it for personal use , but its why i belive line6 community and line 6 wont.
    i dont think line 6 can name a amp/pedal/ cab by there real names because there not the real thing, there simulations. and more than likely get sued.

    Andy says:

    anyone still have these files? I’m fine manually editing the files myself, but would be slick if they still existed somewhere.

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