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Line 6 Helix Family firmware update

Line 6 Helix Family  ·  Source: Line 6


Line6 has just announced a new firmware update across the entire Helix range, including the Helix, Helix LT, Helix Rack and Helix Native.


Helix Firmware 2.3 Update

This little update to the firmware brings a lot of cool new stuff to your Helix system and they managed to squeeze it in just before Christmas, so Helix users have the feeling they’re getting a little gift at the end of 2017. Helix Edit 2.30 and Helix Native 1.10 have also been released, so there’s something for all Helix users in this update series. Across the board there’s a fairly substantial set of new features for everyone.

Helix Amps and Effects

First up, we are getting 7 new amp models and 7 new effects, so plenty to fiddle with during the Christmas-to-New-Year lull while we’re not poking around at a turkey carcass and eating too many sprouts.

Four new features have also been added to Helix; these are support for HD Edit, Full State Backup and Restore, LFO Reset and Support for the Variax Shuriken Banks.


Helix Native adds the same amps and effects plus Window Resizing and Show/Hide the Preset/IR Panel. 

Helix Edit 2.30

Helix Edit has been made to mimic how the Helix Native software bundle looks and feels, making for a more coherent solution for hardware editing.


Make sure your Helix equipment is all backed up before you attempt the updates and follow my links below to get your new amps and effects. Here’s a full list from the Line6 site with all the new amps and effects:

New Amps (7)
– Voltage Queen, based on* the Victoria® Electro King
– Derailed Ingrid, based on* the Trainwreck Circuits® Express
– Brit Trem Nrm, based on* the normal channel of the Marshall® Plexi Tremolo 50
– Brit Trem Brt, based on* the bright channel of the Marshall® Plexi Tremolo 50
– Brit Trem Jump, based on* the normal and bright channel (jumped) of the Marshall® Plexi Tremolo 50
– Cartographer, based on* the Ben Adrian Cartographer
– Agua 51, based on* the Aguilar® DB751 bass amp
New Effects (7)
– Distortion > Kinky Boost (Mono, Stereo), based on* the Xotic® EP Booster
– Distortion > Thrifter Fuzz (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original
– Dynamics > Kinky Comp (Mono, Stereo), based on* the Xotic® SP Compressor
– Modulation > Bleat Chop Trem (Mono, Stereo), based on* the Lightfoot Labs© Goatkeeper
– Modulation > Double Take (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original doubler
– Delay > Cosmos Echo (Mono, Stereo), based on* the Roland® RE-201 Space Echo
– Volume/Pan > Stereo Width (Stereo), Line 6 Original utility to collapse stereo paths

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Line 6 Helix Family firmware update

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