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Line 6 Helix Native

Line 6 Helix Native  ·  Source:

Line 6 Helix Native

Line 6 Helix Native in your DAW  ·  Source:

Line 6 has just announced that you will be able to get the sounds of the Helix into your DAW using the new Helix Native plugin. It’s due a little later this year, apparently, and it means you can work with those sounds in your computer without having to own the hardware.

Soft option

Essentially the Helix Native plug-in is the sound engine of the Helix system that you can run in your host DAW to achieve the sounds from the award-winning Line 6 range.  Just like the Helix hardware, the Helix Native plug-in supports 3rd party impulse responses as well.

Line 6 have a dedicated page for the new software and you can register your interest on the site.

The new software is, of course, compatible with the Line 6 Helix hardware as well, so you can swap patches and also build them in your host DAW to share into your pedalboard, for example. Plus, if you already own any of the Helix range, so either a Helix, Helix Rack or POD Farm, then you will be entitled to a discounted pricing structure for the new software.

Available as a 15-day demo version, so you can try it out and it comes in VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac.

RRP $399

Line 6 Helix Native

Helix Native

Helix Native coming to a DAW later this year

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