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AI Weirdness pedal namer

AI Weirdness pedal namer  ·  Source: AI Weirdness


A scientist with extensive experience in AI technologies, Janelle Shane operates the blog AI Weirdness. She is particularly interested in the stranger aspects of artificial intelligence, including language. So she lets AIs make up the names for cats or other AIs. Or effect pedals.


For this particular endeavour, Janelle fed a neural network with 669 names of real pedals culled from the website Harmony Central. That data was then fed into a pre-trained neural net called GPT-2. And the results were, well, eerily good…

Cloudthunder Screaming Bird Tremolo

Janelle published the results on her blog divided roughly into three categories. The first group is names that could well come from human marketing experts. A Room Like No Other or Best Damn Bass are already quite good. Things get more original with Cloudthunder Screaming Bird TremoloBlood Orange Overdrive. Or my personal favourite Booooooom .

The second collection is a bit weirder, with names like, AshesToYourFingerBoxBig Cheese Big Cheese Box of Peas or Big Chocolate + Yellow Magic delay.


Cheese seems to be a favourite word source of the AI. Me and A Big Bit of Cheese sounds really delicious. The Edge from U2 might be sure to be won over by the Baby TinyMuffin Boost. Then there is Bat Face Down Under; sound like a Captain Beefheart song title !

The third category is feels a bit uncomfortable. I think some of the names may be a little bit too out there for effects pedals, but read as names of bands or song titles, this list is pure comedy gold: Machines Are People Too, Am I really that TranshumanElectric Sheep Fuzz (awesome!), Empowered By The Power Of Mind Control or Atomic Brain Check Thank God We’re All Flying Again. This could go on forever!

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If you are looking for inspiration for your next pedal or effect product check out the AI Weirdness blog.

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AI Weirdness pedal namer

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