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Dr No Effects Mini Turd fuzz pedal

Dr No Effects Mini Turd fuzz pedal  ·  Source: Dr No Effects

In 2016, Dr No Effects, a Dutch company based in Eindhoven, presented guitarists with the Turd Fuzz, an effect pedal that looks like a big pack. Now the manufacturer has announced a smaller version: the Mini Turd Fuzz.


Mini Turd

The Mini Turd Fuzz is the pedalboard-friendly version of its successful big brother The Turd. In the Mini Turd Fuzz, the same circuit works with two NOS-BC109C transistors. In addition, a potentiometer for adjusting the fuzz gain has been added, which should make it even more versatile.

The pedal should be suitable for both guitar and bass, so expect to make some cool, filthy fuzz tones with this little brown box of dirt.

Dr No Effects Mini Turd fuzz pedal

Dr No Effects Mini Turd fuzz pedal. Dirty brown sound anyone?


The new Mini Turd Fuzz comes in a custom-made, screen-printed box, a cotton bag for the pedal, and of course some free gimmicks like stickers and key rings. I think personally this version is a bit more practical and should be easier to squeeze onto your board.

I almost fell out with Dr No over my report of the original Turd pedal (as I mentioned I had seen a ‘poop’ based fuzz pedal before), but we now see eye to eye and hopefully this new edition will put a big smile on your face when you plug it into your rig!

RRP – EUR 179 and is limited to 250 units worldwide

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