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davie504 crams 40 years of video games into two minutes

davie504 crams 40 years of video games into two minutes  ·  Source: YouTube/davie504

Musicians sometimes also play video games. And some games have good or – at least memorable – soundtracks. Just think of Pacman as one of the earliest earworms and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Two Minutes down memory lane

Can you cram 40 years of video game music into 2 minutes?

No, of course not, there are just too many games with outstanding soundtracks. But there are a few that stand out above the rest.
Grand Theft Auto, Pacman, Tekken, Doom, Pokemon, Skyrim, The Last of Us: all these great games also had fantastic soundtracks. Those melodies, however simple or complex, are now part of modern music. Sometimes you’ll hear a little riff from a vintage computer game and it brings you back to a time when levelling up or taking on an end-of-level boss was both fun and exciting.

Props to Davie for this beautiful excursion into the past, which shows how important good music is for a good game. And that the music just lingers for even longer than the game itself.

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