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Top 5 Guitars 2018

Top 5 Guitars 2018  ·  Source: Fender/PRS/Reverend/Lucem/Ibanez


For me, 2018 has been a pretty epic year for guitarists. We’ve had some amazing new gear and advances in both guitar design and technology. Some of them have even been quite controversial for the reserved ‘old guard’ of guitarists… 


Top Gear 2018

Okay, I’m going to say it and I have no qualms about it either. Probably the most interesting new piece of guitar equipment was the PRS John Mayer Silver SkyThis ‘new’ design had guitarists arguing up an down the land on both sides of the Atlantic. However, I think it proved that a well thought out design, based on a classic that can still be improved upon.

Having played them and spoken to others that own them, I would say that this take on the classic Californian originals has proved its worth. The consistency of tone and playability of this new PRS has been commented on by many players and I would agree it brings a lot to the table.

PRS John Mayer Silver Sky, Horizon

PRS John Mayer Silver Sky in Tesla inspired Horizon red · Source: PRS

Next up is the Fender Parallel Universe Tele Thinline Deluxe. To me, this guitar just looked amazing. Some of the other guitars in that series are a bit meh, but not this one. It combines classic Thinline Telecaster styling with Gretsch style TV Jones Classic pickups and that fantastically outlandish orange finish!

The silver sparkle pickguard works well and I’m also a fan of the block inlays on the dark rosewood fretboard. This is certainly my style of guitar and one that I could easily see myself buying soon.


Fender 2018 Limited Edition Tele Thinline Super Deluxe

Fender 2018 Limited Edition Tele Thinline Super Deluxe · Source: Fender



For those moments when you need to shred, I think you should be checking out the Ibanez Nita Strauss JIVA Signature model. It is the guitar Nita plays herself and I’ve heard a rumour that she plays them stock, with no modifications.

It comes loaded with her signature DiMarzio neck and bridge pickups and uses an  Edge Zero-II bridge. I’m also a fan of the Deep Space Blonde finish and ebony fretboard. If you are looking for a well-specified modern day rock guitar then this Ibanez has it all.

Nita Strauss SIgnature Ibanez JIVA

Nita Strauss Signature Ibanez JIVA · Source: Nita Strauss/Facebook

I have eclectic tastes in guitars, so when I first saw my next choice it certainly resonated with my inner guitar geek. I love an offset and also enjoy a good Firebird-style guitar. The Lucem Custom Designs The Unorthodox was designed for Slowdive guitarist Neil Halstead.

To me, it combines many things that I enjoy in a guitar like a 25.5″ scale length with a neck-through-body and mahogany construction. It is my ‘oddball’ guitar of the year and so I had to include it on this list.

Lucem Custom Designs The Unorthodox main

Lucem Custom Designs The Unorthodox · Source: Lucem Custom Designs

Last but not least is a very recent one – and yes as I’m a fanboy for this one! The Reverend Guitars Reeves Gabrels RG-SUS has many things, including that Sustainiac pickup system.

The whole guitar just oozes cool. I’m a big fan of it’s utilitarian Metallic Silver Freeze finish. It combines the Reeves Gabrels Signature humbucker pickup with the Sustainiac and also has the very handy Bass Contour control to expand the tonal palette.

I’m also quite partial to Korina as a body wood, so when combined with a roasted maple neck and the Blackwood Tek fingerboard, I think this could be quite a tone machine!

Reverend Guitars Reeves Gabrels Signature RG-SUS

Reverend Guitars Reeves Gabrels Signature RG-SUS · Source: Reverend Guitars


Any of your favourites not in the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Top 5 Guitars 2018

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3 responses to “Top 5 Guitars of 2018 by Fender, PRS, Ibanez, Reverend and Lucem”

    Doug in VA says:

    The ‘Mayer’ Strat body looks very much like Yamaha Pacificas . A good basic H S S Pacifica with good pickups can be had used for about $150-300. Think it over. How talented are you, really ?

    Milkmaniac says:

    Bait and switch with the Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster in the group shot of the guitars, but it’s not in the article 😉 (Was the Lucem Unorthodox a last minute replacement when the writer realized the TVM was around before 2018?)

      Jef says:

      No, our ‘art department’ were caffeine deprived. I told them though. I own a TVL JM and the old Yamaha TVL too!

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