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Does the Marshall 1960AX 4X12 sound like the Original?

Does the Marshall 1960AX 4X12 sound like the Original?  ·  Source: YouTube/Johan Segeborn


Here on Gearnews we love Johan Segeborn and his comparison videos. A veteran tone chaser, Johan has uploaded a new video where he compares a vintage Marshall 1960A 4X12 cabinet with a modern day version. So which sounds better?


Marshall’s classic ‘British’ sound is all over just about every rock record you have ever listened to. And the Marshall 1960A 4X12 is possibly the best known variation of their cabinet, known for its sweet low end and ability to handle gain with no issues. Its sound has become associated with many ’70s and ’80s rock recordings.

The modern day version of the cabinet is called the 1960AX and can be found for sale still to this day. Both cabinets are loaded with Celestion Greenbacks and come in pine cabinets, hand made in the UK by Marshall.

Marshall 1960AX 4x12 slanted cabinet

Marshall 1960AX 4×12 slanted cabinet

Pulsonic Celestion

Modern day versions are loaded with four Celestion G12M-25 75Hz speakers rated at 100 Watts. The original version from the early ’70s had Pulsonic ones, which were around until 1973. These early versions of the Celestion speaker can now sell for well over £1000 per set of four on the used market, so you can see how revered they are by tone chasers.

Salt n Pepper

The black Tolex, ‘salt and pepper’ grill cloth and classic Marshall logo has been seen on stages and album covers for over 50 years and is synonymous with rock guitar.

All you need to do now is sit back and hear Johan’s comparison of the old ’71 version of the 1960A cab versus a 2010 version. As he points out, many players will tell you that you need to run a set of speakers in for a few hundred hours to get them to sound good. So with that in mind a 9-year-old ‘modern’ cabinet should be more than ready for the job.

If you missed his ‘Brown Sound’ Marshall video from last month, then I would highly recommend that one as well.


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Does the Marshall 1960AX 4X12 sound like the Original?

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