Waves Infected Mushroom Pusher Plugin

New Infected Mushroom plugin: Pusher by Waves

08 Jul 2016 · I'm normally very skeptical of any signature plugin, but this one resonates with me: it aims to deliver the high standard for audio processing Infected Mushroom are renowned for.

Touch Innovations unveil Emulator 2

07 Jul 2016 · After a false start last week Emulator 2 is finally here - but have Touch Innovations given the finger to the "free updates for life" SmithsonMartin users? (updated)

inMusic buy Rane

06 Jul 2016 · Shockwaves are going through the DJ products industry today at the news that inMusic, owers of Numark, Denon and Alesis have bought renowned DJ mixer maker Rane.
California USA boutique FX Scott Henderson Xotic RC Booster V2 clean boost pedal

Xotic propel RC Booster to V2

06 Jul 2016 · The market for clean boost pedals has a new contender, that wants to give you more boost without colouring your guitar tone than its venerable predecessor.