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Harley Benton Marquess Bass Series- New range for all styles

Harley Benton Marquess Bass Series- New range for all styles  ·  Source: Harley Benton


Harley Benton has a brand new series of electric basses with a modern design, eye-catching stained paintwork and active electronics. The new Marquess Bass Series comes in both 4-string and 5-string configurations, so you are covered for all low-end duties.


Harley Benton Marquess Bass Series

This new Marquess bass series from Harley Benton includes 4-string and 5-string models. Both are constructed using Sungkai for the main body and have a flamed maple veneer applied to the tops. The 5-piece bolt-on necks are made of Canadian maple and padauk and have a modern C-profile, so they should be very easy to play. Both feature an amaranth fingerboard fitted with 24 jumbo frets.

You can get either version in a Blue Stain, Black Stain or Sunburst Stain finish, which looks really good over the flame maple veneer.

Harley Benton Marquess Bass Series-

Harley Benton Marquess Bass Series

 4-String vs 5-String

The 4-string version has a 34″ scale length, whilst the 5-string, on the other hand, has an extra-long 35″ scale length. The latter should help with that low B and make for a more rounded controlled tone. The string spacing is slightly tighter at 17 mm on the 5-string to accommodate that extra string, whilst the 4-string has a pretty standard 18 mm string spacing instead.

The bridges are by Sung-Il. You get either a BB007 HT or BB008 HT bridge, both with brass saddles.

Pickup Configuration

For the 4-string model you have a G&B JB bridge paired with a G&B PB neck, whilst the 5-string gets a G&B Soapbar 5ST Epoxy Covered Bridge and a G&B Soapbar 5ST Epoxy Covered Neck instead. Both sets are active and come with an active G&B EQ, a 12 db boost/cut for treble and bass, the standard two volumes for neck and bridge, plus a bass boost/cut and treble boost/cut.

Bass Value

these new Harley Benton Marquess models, you are getting a lot of bass for your money. And if you are looking for something with active electronics, then they should be on your radar for sure.

More Marquess Information

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