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Imaginando VS Materials

Imaginando VS Materials  ·  Source: Imaginando

Imaginando VS interface

Imaginando VS interface  ·  Source: Imaginando

The VS Visual Synthesizer from Imaginando uses graphical shaders to render stunning real-time visuals that react to MIDI or audio and can plug right into your DAW.


VS Visual Synthesizer

VS uses graphical shaders it calls Materials to render procedurally generated geometrical visuals which is a complicated way to say that VS generates some really nice stuff.

You have 50 built-in materials which range from wireframe cubes to neon lines, squishy blobs to tunnels of plasma which can be layered up on one of the 8 polyphonic visual layers which sits upon a custom background image or video layer. The visuals then bleed and combine with each other to come up with some rather groovy projections.


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To keep things moving there are 4 LFOS and 2 envelope generators that can respond to MIDI or audio stimulus. A modulation matrix helps you route your sources to any available destinations. Each layer can handle up to 4 responses at a time drawing multiple instances of the material as “visual voices”.

It can run stand-alone or as a VST/AU plugin in your DAW which will make it easy to run audio or MIDI into it in perfect sync with your project. You can literally have it running on a track in Ableton Live and trigger clips into from your scenes.

VS is really easy to use and only takes a few moments of fiddling to get the hang of the interface. The visual content is stunning and instantly usable without having to try too hard. I can see that I’m going to playing with this demo for some time.

VS is on a special price of €49.50 for the desktop where you can license it for 5 computers. It’s also available on the iPad for $9.99.

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  1. Richard says:

    The 64-bit equivalent to the Critter & Guitarri “8-bit” Eyesy – there’s probably much to love in both!

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