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Sugar Audio Admiralizer

Sugar Audio Admiralizer  ·  Source: Sugar Audio

Sugar Audio Admiralizer

Sugar Audio Admiralizer  ·  Source: Sugar Audio

Sugar Audio has packed everything they could think of into this “two synchronizable wavetable, sub and sample hold/track noise synthesizer”. It has all sorts of modulation goodness and more controls and flexibility than you could ever need.


I keep trying to find nautical references and metaphors but I guess the name just sounded good as opposed to having any great meaning for the synthesizer. Anyway, Admiralizer gives you two wavetable oscillators to play with and you can do much more than play. It has a 2D and 3D wavetable editor where you can get down into the harmonic content, drawing your own waveforms or generating new ones at the click of a button.

Modulation is available in many different ways including pulse width, amplitude, phase, ring and 4 types of frequency modulation. But there’s also a whole LFO section with editable shapes, envelopes, “chaos modulators” and a large matrix to route everything to where you want to send it.

The filters are designed to have a resonant analogue flavour while being clean and clear. And there’s a large effects section including over a dozen effects and audio processing.

For movement there’s an onboard sequencer and arpeggiator with different pattern lengths, swing, tie and key substitution.

All in all a pretty comprehensive wavetable synthesizer with bags of sonic potential for people who want to go beyond the presets. And yes, there are plenty of presets.

Admiralizer is available now for Windows or MacOS for €99.

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