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SoundSpot UNION

SoundSpot UNION  ·  Source: SoundSpot


Everything is a bit “next-generation” these days and according to SoundSpot UNION is what all the cool kids will be using for wavetable synthesis. Let’s see if we can find some uniqueness in this software synth championed by best-selling Trance producers and Techno DJs.



It says that the wavetable generator is unique in that it lets you create harmonically rich wavetable sets from the output of the main oscillators. The two main oscillators which are not in fact wavetables but regular analogue modelled oscillators with 6 wave shapes and up to 32 voices. The idea is that you mix the two main oscillators together to produce wavetable waveforms that can be used by this third wavetable oscillator. Neat!

Oscillators 1 and 2 have their own ADSR, filter and modulation pages with nicely graphical editing so you apply a good deal of movement to them before they get mixed up in the whole wavetable thing. Or, of course, you can use them as they are. There are 4 effects to mix into the oscillators: Phaser, Delay, Distortion and Reverb. The 3rd oscillator them combines oscillators 1 and 2 and the effects to generate a scanable wavetable. Oscillator 3 then has the same ADSR and modulation possibilities plus the ability to morph through the waves. You can change the mix of oscillators, run them all together or just one – it’s up to you.

The whole lot then runs through another 9 effects to produce the biggest possible sound.


Well, yeah, there you go it has some nice features and the ability to give you a playground of waves and fun fair of wavetables. It’s dead easy to use with a good looking interface that’s not going to boggle anybody and quickly comes up with some nicely fat a usable sounds. Best of all, at the moment it’s only £5.99 so everyone should have a copy.

Runs on MacOS and Windows with AAX, AU and VST formats.

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One response to “UNION: witness the birth of the next-generation wavetable synthesizer”

    Jesus says:

    LoL @ Soundspot Union. It’s a CPU Killer. It’s useless.
    Worst synth ever. Crappy sound, unstable as a 3rd world economy.
    The only good thing I can say about this gunk is that doesn’t make weird noises when I’m not using it.
    What a waste of money.
    Don’t buy this crap

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