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Knobula Pianophonic

Knobula Pianophonic


Knobula has taken elements of the piano and forged it into a multi-oscillator, wavetable and sample-led Pianophonic synthesizer voice for Eurorack.



Pianophonic is a wavetable synthesizer that pulls in elements of a hammer acting against three strings as found in an acoustic piano. This is worked out through the three wavetable oscillators and one sample-based player allocated to each of the eight voices. It’s very much like how classic digital pianos built their sounds. The result is that it injects the vibe of a piano into almost anything.

The oscillators are just the starting point. From there, the Pianophonic can manipulate the wavetables through morphing, stretching and reversing while routing through the filter, envelope, compressor and reverb effects.

Pianophonic ships with an SD card holding 16 banks of sounds covering a wide variety of timbres. You’ll also be able to upload your own sounds via an app.

The engine runs at 24-bit and 48kHz. It has MIDI for the fullest polyphonic experience but also the same Chord Select technology we saw in the Polycinematic, where you can store chords and trigger them via CV. You can also play monophonically over CV like a regular oscillator.


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It sounds really interesting. Knobula seems unstoppable with its push of polyphony and MIDI into Eurorack. One thing I liked about the Polycinematic is how well it worked in a Eurorack environment. Just being able to use CV is pretty essential. I’m surprised about the colour scheme. It’s very Oberheimy which is cool, but it’s an unexpected move away from Knobula’s very striking aesthetic.

You can check it out at Superbooth or hang on until September, when it will be released for £350.

Knobula Pianophonic

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6 responses to “Superbooth 23: Knobula Pianophonic Wavetable Synthesizer module”

    Luna Berg says:

    To much money for this, there are other oscillators more interesting. Less control Inputs…..

      Uli says:

      It’s a synthesizer module not an oscillator

        ☔Anton says:

        It is a monophonic oscillator for just one voice and usable with other modular stuff. But the Pricetag is ⛽🛢️☄️🔥

          Robin Vincent says:

          That’s not quite right Anton. Pianophonic is an 8-voice polyphonic wavetable synthesizer including envelopes, effects and a filter, all in one module.

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