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1V/Oct The Centre

1V/Oct The Centre  ·  Source: 1V/Oct

Taking its inspiration from Serum and Dune VST Instruments The Centre brings complex wavetable manipulation to Eurorack in a stunning hardware module.

The Centre

The idea started as a wavetable module but quickly evolved to include LFOs, filters, envelopes and all the other parts a complete synthesizer needs. The Centre runs its own modular environment and you can combine external modulations with internal ones for a bit of hybrid hardware control.

It gets even more interesting when you learn that you can load wavetables and preset elements from both Serum and Dune. The developer says that they are not trying to emulate what these software instruments can do but hopes to offer a similarly enjoyable wavetable experience.

The internal wavetable oscillator can run in unison with multiple oscillators running together and it’s totally capable of polyphony within the Eurorack modular framework. Shapes for the LFOs and envelopes can be imported from Serum. There are Bi-Quad and Ladder filters, some physical modelling, ring modulation, wavefolding and a lot more to come. It has a MIDI section with a sample powered drum rack. There are 4 1v/oct inputs with gates and 8 additional CV inputs and 16 knobs that can be assigned to any internal function.

The front panel on this thing is quite impressive. It has a 1010Music Bitbox vibe about it but with more controls.


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Inevitably with something this versatile there’s going to be a lot of menu diving and fiddling about with the display but I imagine once you’ve got things set up how you like it the knobs and CV inputs will start to show their value. It has the potential for bringing some big sounds to your Eurorack in either multi-layered melodies or polyphony.

The Centre will be launching very soon on Kickstarter and if you’re interested then you should sign up for notifications on the website.

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