PRS Vela S2 Limited Edition – Back In Black!

04 Jan 2017 · PRS is preparing a new Limited Edition version of their popular S2 Vela for 2017 - but their production and sales model for this instrument means you'll have to get in your order very quickly.

Ibanez to show 55 (!) new guitars at NAMM 2017

03 Jan 2017 · Ibanez has slated 55 new models for release at the upcoming Winter NAMM 2017; we've chosen our favourites from this huge roll-out. And yes, there are a few surprises among them...

Behringer X32 soon to support SD Card Recording?

02 Jan 2017 · Direct recording to USB or SD card on digital consoles is now a common feature, but perhaps it's time for the X32 - which began the budget desk era - to also add what is on the verge of becoming a standard ...