Cyber Monday/Week

Cyber Monday/Week Deals still on!

23 Nov 2016 · It's that time of year again, and there are some very hefty discounts on great gear - if you know where to look! We point you to some of the best Black Friday discounts around.
Waves Greg Wells ToneCentric Plug-in

Waves build new Greg Wells’ ToneCentric plug-in

24 Oct 2016 · Greg Wells describes his latest ToneCentric plug-in for Waves as a "homage to the great analog gear that leaves a wonderful sonic footprint on your sound". Is this new effect genuinely useful or just shameless ...
Waves Subscription Plans

Waves bring in subscription plans

21 Sep 2016 · Another plug-in manufacturer joins the subscription party! Now it's Waves' turn, but with only two plans on offer are they catering for everyone?
Waves Infected Mushroom Pusher Plugin

New Infected Mushroom plugin: Pusher by Waves

08 Jul 2016 · I'm normally very skeptical of any signature plugin, but this one resonates with me: it aims to deliver the high standard for audio processing Infected Mushroom are renowned for.