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Waves V12 update

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Today, Waves announced the availability of Waves V12, a major update to its plug-in technology. Mainly, there’s convenient new functionality, which we’ll have a look below, as well as a bunch of free plug-ins added to select bundles. Certainly enough to warrant a major update!


Waves V12

V12 sees the following key areas of focus:

  • Resizable GUIs – Waves pluggos now have 5 adjustable sizes for their user interfaces. About time, huh?
  • Preset Browser – Waves has so many plug-ins out there that finding the exact right one is outright daunting for newcomers. The new preset browser aims to ease them in with text-based searching and preset auditioning.
  • Retina Graphics – Waves plug-ins now look sharper on modern Macs and other high-resolution screens. They also benefit from optimized GPU performance.
  • Compatibility improvements – Waves promises “full ongoing compatibility” with current DAWs and operating systems.
  • Free plug-ins – owners of Platinum, Horizon, and Diamond bundles get LoAir, Smack Attack, and Submarine for zilch.

How’s it going for users?

So far, reactions to the update seem mixed. As welcome as the changes are, some Waves users report the following issues:

– DAW rescans all Waves plug-ins, which may take quite a while
– V11 of Waves plug-ins still remain installed, taking up space
– The GUI graphics are upscaled, not re-drawn. This makes for a slightly blurred look, even on Retina displays.
– Update fees could reach as high as EUR 250, depending on the number and kind of Waves plug-ins you own.


So V12 is a bit of hit and miss so far, judging by the reports in forums like KVR. This is probably still a worthwhile update for some users, perhaps the newer ones. But some of the user feedback so far is not exactly positive.

To update to V12, you will either have your licenses covered by your Waves Update Plan (which means the update is free), or you will have to renew your coverage to update. If you are into Waves, you probably have a better understanding of the specifics than I do. Personally, I respect the developer for hustling like crazy, but I’m not a Waves guy myself.

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Waves V12 update

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3 responses to “Waves V12 update brings resizable GUIs, preset browser, free plug-ins”

    Manuel says:

    I had problems updatig from v11. Waves Centasl keeps saying that installation failed (at 90% of the process). If I open Cubase 10.5 the plug ins are udated and working but in Wave Central they are listed as not installed. Very strange. I wrote to the custmer service and I am waiting for a reply.

      Todd says:

      I ran into the exact same issues with the installation constantly failing at 90% of the process. Then Logic Pro X would rescan all of the Waves plugins each time I opened LPX (in spite of never getting a 100% successful installation of the plugins via the Waves Central app…apparently they actually did install?) Also LPX would say it needed to scan exactly 2x the number of Waves plugins that I actually own which meant that all of my V11 plugins were still on my MBP versus being properly updated to V12. I had both V11 and V12 installed. Ugh. In the end the solution was to completely/manually remove all-things-Waves (the plugins themselves, Waves Central app, caches, preferences, etc), reboot my system and do a completely fresh installation of Waves Central and V12. Luckily my WUP was still valid so I was able to just move forward with V12 for everything. Now everything works fine again, including not needing to rescan the plugins every time I open LPX.

      Seems like there are always problems that arise when having more than one version of Waves plugins on my system at once. I ran into similar problems a few months back when having both V10 and V11 plugins on my MBP at the same time. I like Waves plugins and use them so I bit the bullet and renewed my WUP to have access to V11 for all of my plugins. Waves claims that you can have more than one version of their plugins on your machine simultaneously but it has never been a smooth experience for me personally. Still, I’m heavily invested in their plugins (Mercury, SSL, Abbey Road) and so it’s worth it to me to keep them up to date and available. But I do wish the installation process was a bit less haphazard.

      Hope you get your plugins cooperating with your system again! Good luck!

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