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Kemper apparently plans profiling floorboard

Kemper apparently plans profiling floorboard  ·  Source: Kemper

Kemper new knobs?

Kemper's new knobs, must be a floor unit?  ·  Source: Kemper

Kemper floorboard

Kemper floorboard  ·  Source: Kemper


UPDATE: Since this post was published, an image of what looks like a new Floorboard Profiler has been spotted on Instagram – check it out here.


A few days ago, Kemper introduced the new Profiler OS 6 with two new effects. Now the German company has surprised many by running a video teaser for a new product due to be announced on July 24. We’ve been trying to decipher the images in the video and on Kemper’s Instagram feed – and we could be looking at some kind of “Floorboard Profiler” or multi FX board!

Kemper Profiler “Floor”?

Although there’s no official information beyond the teaser video (below), there are a couple of hints buried in there. The video starts by showing the three existing Profilers are shown with the remote, then there’s an sequence featuring a soldering iron or Bunsen burner. So that’s all suggesting development work in some laboratory.

Kemper floorboard

A Kemper floorboard?

Then there are two images in the video with drawings or schematics visible. In the one above, there’s a reference in German to “big 2x” and “small 6x” as well as “14 buttons” and “rotary encoders”. Assuming it’s some kind of floor unit and the image shows a schematic, there are what look like ports or jack inputs/outputs on the back. These days Class-D power amps can be built to fit in some very compact spaces…

In the video comments, several people are suggesting that it’s some kind of floor device, perhaps a floor-based Profiler. This also makes sense for us, as a “Profiler Floor” would fill an obvious gap in the Kemper product line-up.

Now take a look at the latest Instagram post. The image on the packaging could show some type of floorboard product.


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Kemper vs Line 6 vs Headrush vs Mooer

We’ll continue to keep our eyes and ears open and as soon as we hear anything, we’ll let you know. The market for virtual amps with effects is already bustling. Line 6 has just released 2.8 OS for Helix, while the Headrush is a becoming a very common product. But other companies like Mooer have already entered the floor pedal market place with other offerings. Is Kemper jumping into this crowded product category? If so, it will be very interesting to find out how they want to carve out a piece of that pie. They certainly have the technology, experience and know-how to come up with a compelling product…

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Kemper apparently plans profiling floorboard

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