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Kemper Profiler Floor Instagram Leak

Kemper Profiler Floor Instagram Leak  ·  Source: Jakob Schulze/Instagram


UPDATE: Kemper has announced its Profiler Stage, and it is indeed a mix of the Profiler Remote and Profiler Rack. Find out more here!


The rumours circulating all weekend at Summer NAMM are true: Kemper’s new Profiler floorboard has been spotted on the Instagram account of guitarist Jakob Schulze from the German band Swiss & Die Andern!

Kemper “Profiler Floor” seen in the wild

The image shows Jakob holding what we presume is the new Kemper Profiler Floor (or whatever it’s going to be called). It was taken at a rehearsal room during load in for a show at North Sea Deichbrand Festival. The Instagram post was up on his account only briefly – luckily I managed to pull a copy before it was hastily removed (presumably at Kemper’s behest).

Kemper Profiler Floor Instagram Leak

Kemper Profiler “Floor”: click to enlarge! · Source: Jakob Schulze/Instagram


I’m guessing this was a prototype unit out on loan for testing and customer feedback. We can see the overall look of the thing, and it certainly looks weighty. Unfortunately, the image is a bit too blurry to see the labels for the knobs and switches. But you can clearly see “Profiler” on the top, so we assume this is a full-on floor-based version of the existing head and rack units.

Remote plus Rack Profiler?

There are a lot of footswitches (looks like 14, including one labelled Tap). In fact the bottom bit looks like the Profiler Remote, with what’s probably the Rack Profiler joined onto the top. But if the top bit is the Rack Profiler, the interface is very different, with different buttons (presumably backlit). It will be interesting to see what the usability will be like here. The two additional footswitches on the top right could be for scrolling through onscreen pages or parameters on the fly.


The LCD screen is poking out behind Jakob’s arm, but we can’t see how big it is. Looks similar in size to the screens on the existing amps, but without the Remote’s protective bar below the screen. It looks like there will be plenty of I/O, with lots of 1/4″ jack inputs and outputs, as well as XLR connectors.

The big questions are: How much of the full Profiler is in this unit? And what will it cost? The official announcement is only days away, so not long to wait now.


The video below just turned up on Kemper’s Facebook page, so it is official.

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Is this the new Kemper Profiler Floor Unit?

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3 responses to “LEAK! New Kemper Profiler Floorboard Effect spotted on Instagram”

    Clint Norwood says:

    I think it’s called the Kemper Stage. It’s coming out next week.

    kenseido says:

    Doesn’t look gig safe. Too many knobs/screens exposed for easy damage. I would much rather use the rack or head with the foot switch or midi controller. Seems more suited for practice/studio/home.

      Unapologist says:

      not every stage is a metal hectic jump fest; I can see how this could be used in settings where a clean stage is needed but more direct selfcontrol over the Kemper needed too

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